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  1. Been having this same problem for 3-4 weeks now. On the beginning adds (2-3) I can only see a small glowing graphic but cant target anything. I've tried with multiple graphic settings as well. I run a gtx770, newest drivers and all that. Its not game breaking just annoying.
  2. My Jugg is now regulated to SM/Alt nights but pre 3.0 and shortly after I still ran it. A solid Opener for progression is simply: I give a 3 second countdown+Enrage I actually LEAP right after I say 2 (so the abilities from them land right as I land) Then Crushing>Backhand>Smash with Riposte as it procs Single Taunt as 4th GCD (3rd if you dont count leap) Aegis>Scream>Choke>Crushing with Riposte as available AoE Taunt At that point threat is rarely an issue (unless some dps hit a all crit streak on their opener) Right after I use Single Taunt, GOOD DPS will be using their threat drop in the 4th or 5th GCD. I dont like relying on Reflect for aggro, I like to use it to negate something. No fight in the game requires you to NEED AoE Taunt for mechanics near the pull (except maybe the Sparky adds depending on strat, and then its only the OT that needs it). Honestly it I'd bet he is opening with Enrage>Saber Throw>Leap. Once dps see that saber fly they're gonna open up; and he'll lose threat everytime. ST on an opener is just a wasted GCD, it sucks for damage+it builds almost no threat+you don't need the resources it gives right then anyways.
  3. You say the tanks are draggin him around the room in a melee-friendly path. is it melee friendly AND splash dmg friendly as well? As someone said strats will vary based on group comp, but we have done it with 2 melee dps a few times. With the group comp you mention I would put the best melee dps on torque full time, throwing splash damage if/when he can on adds. Other melee and OT on shoots (ranged can jump over if it doesnt go down fast enough) Ranged handles Fire Device and wall turrets with melee throwing out splash damage when they can. With proper tank/boss positioning only 2 (1 set) of the turrets have to be killed without the boss nearby for added splash. I tank him in 3 spots, and the melee knows where the 4th spot is if fire blocks us on 3rd spot, we break one console everytime (Unless droid bugs or something). All 3 spots let them maximize dps and throw splash damage on everything but fire devices.
  4. Few things to do: Gearing: Augment everything (at least blue augs if its a piece you'll be upgrading soon) - starting out you might want to split augs up between shield and absorb. But mostly straight shield is considered best. Stay away from Defense. You'll get some of it along the way but don't gear for it intentionally. Shield and Absorb are your bread and butter. For FPs - focus aggro. Champion>GOLD>Silver>Reg. Kill order for competent DPS will be the reverse of that. Regs and Silvers don't last very long and don't hit very hard (usually) so if a DPS takes 1-2 hits it doesn't matter). Don't guard the healer, guard the biggest DPS threat (AOE or single target dependant). Some mechanics it may be helpful to guard the healer though. Knowing the mechanics of the fight and your class > gear. For threat visuals you can run StarParse. If nothing else it has a popout window I find useful to monitor threat.
  5. About Defense/Shield/Absorb- For leveling, you can go mostly defense and be fine. At end-game though you'll need to balance out those stats. Defense will completely negate an attack; shield will reduce the attack and the amount reduced is based on your absorb amount (its a little more technical than that, but we'll keep it simple for now). Due to diminishing returns, you'll never stack defense high enough to be hit-immune. Keep in mind the attack types from a mob/boss also affect which stat is going to be better- Some attacks can be defended and shielded, while others can only be shielded, and some bypass BOTH defense and shield chance. #4 For starting out at lv60 go into the ROLES forum and check out KBN's ideal tank stat thread. That will give you a starting point.
  6. I don't mind ranged being able to dps on the move to a degree, but I agree it shouldn't be close to their full dps potential. Personally I've always like the way most sand-box MMOs handle it, range can operate at any range but suffer penalties if not at optimal range (accuracy, damage modifiers, etc).
  7. The issue is, and has always been with MMOs, that without changing range dps basic skillsets you cannot effectively 'punish' them like you can melee. If a melee moves out of their designed engagement area they lose dps; but ranged can be anywhere between 30m and 0m of the boss and still do full dps. The only way to change it would be to make some/helf of a ranged dps abilities have a 30 max/15 min meter range. Then you could effectively add mechanics that target people outside of 10 meters, causing ranged to break dps to avoid it. Right now if you added those mechanics ranged can just clump into melee and negate them (IE Calph and Droid last tier) without suffering any penalty. As for the current tier, the bosses are not all that bad with proper tactics, but there are a few the punish anyone in melee range (dps or tanks).
  8. The problem with extended parsing on a dummy as a Guardian is the lack of procs. It skews the data because much. In the parse you linked you had 23 Assault uses, 15 slashes; and of course Riposte was equal to GS uses. I don't even have Assault on my keybinds, and the only time I use Stasis/Push is the rare times I need to control an add on a boss (adds on Revanite Commanders etc). In actual tanking Riposte would be slightly over 2:1 to GS. Also you wouldn't have 23 'wasted' GCDs on Assault, or 5 GCDs on Stasis for focus gain, nor would you be using Push because you were focus starved and didn't have anything else available. That alone is 33 GCDs wasted in that parse. That's not even factoring in that during a real tanking situation you would be pushing Warding Strike out another 4-5 GCDs to just keep the buff up instead of using it on cooldown. So for the sake of some quick and easy numbers, we can double the Ripostes (Adding 191/dps), factor in 6-7 more slashes (lets low-end it and say 60dps there) for a total gain of 241dps which would have put you around 1,700dps/3,800tps (and that accounts for a rough guessimate of the dps loss from not using some abilities that you did). Which is with-in 100dps/200tps of the VG parse. That doesn't even account for the extra ~4 GCDs from pushing Warding Strike out which would bring the numbers even closer. Nothing wrong with testing, just keep in mind Shadows and VGs tanks don't suffer as much resource/tps/dps issues as a Guardian does on the dummy.
  9. Tanks stances are bugged right now. There is supposed to be a 10% decrease in damage for being in tank stance, but right now its a 20% decrease instead.
  10. I wondered about this myself when 3.0 launched. On a single target, Slash outperforms Cyclone Slash. If CS crits and Slash doesn't then the threat is extremely close. Crit vs Crit, and hit vs hit Slash does better. Due to talents CS crits more often, mine tend to crit 35%-42% of the time while Slash is 14%-19%, but its not enough to justify using it on single targets. A non-crit CS generates 2200-2500 threat A non-crit Slash generates 3000-3400 threat
  11. Actually it gives 1 more rage/focus than Sundering used to. For burning Rage/Focus on a single target use SLASH. It does more damage than Sweeping Slash does. Sweeping Slash only performs better if there are 2+ targets to hit. Yeah it takes some getting used to but it actually seems like Riposte being on the GCD has helped us more than it hurt us. Aside from some QOL issues the change caused I'm starting to appreciate it more and more.
  12. Okay I ran some numbers today, albeit fairly quick and a small sample size. I mainly did it because all the discussions had me curious. I compared my Guardian vs my Vanguard. I changed some gear around on my Guardian to get the numbers somewhat close to get the best results I could. The Stats Guardian-lv60 with mostly 192/186 3,139 Str/794.1 Bonus dmg/22% D/43% Shield/38.5% Absorb Vanguard-lv60 mix 192/186 2973 Aim, 694.5 bonus Dmg, 16%/40.5%/42.7% Baseline Test vs Ops Dummy (full debuff mod) with only 186mh, no other gear: Guardian 208,719 Threat / 3,020 tps Damage 50,418 / 730 dps Riposte - 10,874 threat (9.7%) Vanguard 201,721 threat (2,793 tps) Damage 53,761 (704 dps) Energy Blast: 6,280 threat (5.2%) Shoulder Cannon: 5,068 (4.2%) Results were much closer than I expected them to be. Combining EB and SC makes it nearly identical to Riposte. On a dummy parse both classes are close enough to equal you can't call it unbalanced in my opinion. *NOTE* I ran 4 parses for each, then took the average numbers for the results. Like I said it is a small sample size but I'm too lazy to pull 100 parses on each to get extremely accurate results lol. When I saw that I thought okay, maybe "real-world" results are going to be different. Since I didn't have a healer online I grabbed Teek and headed to Rishi. I ran 4 more test on each vs Champion Grophets (I know force resistant but it was the best option without long waits on respawns). Stats in my normal gear for each character shown above Guardian Threat 518,428 (7,599 tps) Damage 105,745 (1546 dps) Riposte - 26.6k dmg (25.2%), 53.2K threat (22.1%) Vanguard 539,607 Threat (7,506 tps) Damage 121,344 (1,684 dps) Energy Blast: 8,524 damage (7.0%) / 17,049 threat (6.5%) Shoulder Cannon: 5,050 damage (4.2%) / Threat 10,102 (3.8%) Again the results are pretty close. Keep in mind the Guardian was at a slight disadvantage on mob type (force resistance) but has a slight-to-moderate gear advantage as well. Rotations Used and other info My conclusion: There isn't a big difference between the two classes. Not like I thought there would be. The only real advantage I saw on the VG was it does have a much higher APM due to the off-GCD abilities (it averaged almost 10 more APM than the Guardian). Combining EB and SC vs solely Riposte on the dummy keeps them pretty equal. However in the real-world SC's long cooldown keeps it from making much difference, while EB has 3 times the cooldown on Riposte and doesn't gain any damage increases like Riposte. I am the first to admit I am much more comfortable on my Guardian than my Vanguard since SoR launch. I would like to see other peoples results, especially with Vanguards. I run my Guardian with the main group for our operations, and my Vanguard is regulated to alt night; this week I'm going to note the boss fights with each and compare them that way as well hopefully.
  13. edit- really shouldn't post when I'm sleep deprived lol
  14. I have zero experience tanking on a shadow/sin, but I do main a Guardian/Jugg. I'm sorry but if you are having threat issues you are doing something very wrong in your rotation(s). I've noticed quite a few guardians haven't changed their rotations from pre-3.0. I still use taunts in the very beginning (30-45 seconds) of a fight for 2 reasons: its just habit, and I run with dps that are not afraid of going all out so I make sure they aren't going to pull off me.
  15. The values of course vary as you gear. But typically you'll have 21-23% defense, you'll end up with about 40-43% shield and 38-42% absorb with 192s. All of our gear has higher shield than defense, so trying to hit ideal stats will be difficult without constantly re-augmenting. Personally I've found it best (and just as effective) to focus on Defense and Absorb, then let my shield hit whatever it hits through gear. I run 4 absorb augs and rest defense for now. I keep some of the 192 mods/enhance (both absorb and defense types) lying around and change out as my gear changes. Right now for my gear ideal stats is something like 1450/1050/975, and my stats are 1423/1125/930 (those numbers are real close, but not exact), which puts me at 22-23% on defense, 42-43% shield, 39-40% absorb (with stim, no ability proc gains). You factor in class procs and I hit 26-27% defense and 42-43% absorb and boost to 53% damage reduction (with 2pc bonus). For SM content I stay around 900-1300 dtps, boss dependent, which is easily healed and doesn't stress the healers I've talked to.
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