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  1. This is one hour of coding, TOPS. And yet because you still haven't done it, every single player has to spend large amounts of time every time they create a new character just changing their UI settings. Lazy, lazy, lazy.
  2. Any system which revolves around new players getting repeatedly farmed by better geared players for long periods of time in order to "gear up" is a stupid system and no one SHOULD put up with it.
  3. Because it would be unfair if you could bypass the several weeks of getting owned by better geared players when you hit level 50. This is apparently an integral part of the SWTOR PVP Experience and they don't want you to be able to bypass it.
  4. It's pretty clear at this point BW is totally in over their collective heads and don't know how to admit it. BASIC things being missing from this game (like a /level command for the PTS) are just mindboggling. What is the possible point of having a PTS to test end-game content if you don't have a /level command to let people get to a place where they CAN test that content? Oh well. If nothing else, this game will be remembered for one of the biggest PR snafus in MMO history: "prepare to be blown away by the stunning open world PVP on Ilum!"
  5. And if you believe that, I've got a bridge to sell you too...
  6. DPS spec PT has about 30% mitigation base, compared to about 22% for a medium armor class. Which only applies to about 60% of attacks anyhow. It's hardly a big difference.
  7. Juggs in tank stance lose a lot of rage generation too so that hurts in the long run. If you want to be a tank spec that does good damage tanksin is clearly the choice at the moment. Tank spec PTs are great passive mitigation % but they do not do good dps at all since the nerf to parakeet.
  8. DPS spec PTs do not have very good mitigation. Putting them in the same catagory with tanksins and marauders is pretty silly.
  9. People crying about tank spec pts are pretty funny. Since the big nerf to the carolina parakeet spec there is no tank PT spec that does decent damage. At all. As for pyros...yes, when everything lines up the damage is too bursty. Bioware seems to love to make specs that revolve around buffing up one ability to be ridiculous in the right circumstances. This is just poor class design. Pyro is one such spec, along with tanksin. Pyro damage isn't so much overpowered as inconsistent. Sometimes it is pretty underwhelming, but on occassion it is definitely overpowred.
  10. ...which is why it drops columi, except for the last boss. You should get an award for thinking that brilliant.
  11. The problem is not so much the enrage timer themselves as the fact that the enrage timers in this game and tuned in such a way that the encounters are trivially easy when you have the gear to beat the timer. Seriously, 90% of the fights in SWTOR with enrage timers are /faceroll EXCEPT for beating the enrage timer. 90% of the average fight should not be about beating the enrage timer. That makes for terrible, boring gameplay.
  12. I generally only vote when I saw someone do something pro during the game. Otherwise, meh. Why bother.
  13. The common cheates are movement related because that is stored client side. I do not know where cooldowns are stored - if it is client side that could be an easy hack as well. Stuff like crits and damage numbers are almost certainly not hackable. And if they were it would be super obvious and show up instantly, so few people would do it.
  14. Still don't care, evidently no one else does either. You shouldn't be able to PVP in PVE gear and be effective and you never will be able to. If you don't like it find some other game where you can PVE your way to PVP dominance. Complaining that people in WH can PVE the hardest PVE content just says to me that PVE content is too easy in this game.
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