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  1. There is a single ship hook in Manaan. If you're on the entry "Pier" looking out into the water, you can turn 90 degrees to your left and on the roof of the side building you'll see the edges of the ship hook. It should be noted I'm also backing your request. The ship looks ok there on the roof, but to be sure I picked up my ship and put down the feeding tank and you see none of the detail. A bit of the crane and the railing, at a distance. Absolutely terrible there, but it does fit. I'd really like to make it centerpiece right there at the entry facing the ocean, so you could alternately change the hook there from centerpiece to starship with a similar effect, at least for me.
  2. There are a couple misunderstandings here. It looks like you're trying to incentivize certain types of play, but you're going about it in a really bad way. There are fewer PvP players because maps don't get updated and losses don't count towards progression.. meaning a player could play for hours and progress ZERO towards the weekly, making it (1) a waste of time and (2) monotonous.. By increasing the number of weekly rewards, you solved neither (1) nor (2). Make losses count towards progression and more people will PvP. Update some new maps and more people will PvP. I think I might be interested in trying PvP again if fragments went up to 3K or 4k fragments per weekly. and chests had a chance to contain crafting mats. Anything less than that and the zero progression chances kill it for me. Likewise your changes to GSF won't adjust behavior.. 850 (down from 1000) is still the highest source of fragments you can earn while AFK. The easiest method to fix AFK is a contribution timer. I don't think anyone who actually plays, even snipers and campers go five consecutive minutes a match without contributing. make an auto kick mechanism.
  3. I'm adding a bump to this thread. It's not fixed yet (I assume) because it's not on the master thread or known (or investigated) issues. It is however an issue. I began to wonder how an alt had her Neuro-key quest for 3 weeks with little progress when she hits conquest every week... then saw this and it makes sense, she really is just the toon I GSF with. If we keep this thread at the top of the list long enough, it should get added to the 'official' bug list. I doubt they'll give historical credit even though it would be nice. I just want it fixed so I can gear my pilot too.
  4. I've been away from the game since late 2016 or early 2017. I've started playing again and am working through all the story I've missed. I've loved the HK-55 story and would like some assistance with the Simulated Meatbag title. For those that don't know it can happen during the Arma Rasa alert, if you invite someone into the alert and have HK-55 target them they'll get the title. I understand that if you weren't a subscriber, it isn't free content, but I have an alt waiting to complete the alert so I can return the favor if anyone else is interested. Details if you need here: http://dulfy.net/2016/02/10/swtor-hk-55-and-blizz-alliance-recruitment-guide/ I play evenings (Eastern) My alt is republic, but I can be executed on either side. I'll check back here for interest. Thanks
  5. There are only two sides to this situation, both sides have a reason to complain but only one side was really "cheated". I'll explain. 1) A month ago a new cartel pack was introduced where a new robe was advertised. Those people who are interested in said Robe bought the Cartel packs (either with real cash from the store, or with credits from the GTN) Or they bought the specific armor pieces from the GTN. Those people soon discovered that they could NOT actually purchase the item they were interested in. In this situation this person should be irritated that they were shown pictures of something that could not actually be obtained. That being said, let's be honest... That person had a CHOICE, they could sell (or resell) the item purchased AND had the option of purchasing something else that was CLOSE to the item advertised (I mean currently aside from the break lights on the new phantom piece it is not completely dissimilar to the Revan piece.) I agree they should have been given a further option of buying (or trading for if they kept the piece they didn't like) an item they were shown in the Market <BREAK> The second set of people MAY have never visited the market. These people potentially would not be aware that there was something wrong with a set of armor they found on someone or in the GTN (with out ever knowing there was an advertising error because they never saw the advertisement and never bother to visit the cartel store). If you are unaware of a problem there would be no reason to search a forum database for an issue you didn't have (or could somehow decipher). This group however was NOT given a choice. The do NOT have the option to keep or trade the new look. If they do NOT like the new look they do NOT have the option to buy something else similar, because while hooded robes (granted without break lights) are a dime a dozen, form fitting body suits were unique in this set. Even if the two groups of people each make up 50% of the player base (This does not match current outcry, I would say the people upset before are out numbered 3 to 1 by currently upset people), but even if it were split down the middle, the first group of unhappy shoppers were given choices, the second were not. This I believe is why the current group of people are so bent out of shape.... I wonder.. If BW had simply mailed anyone with the old armor (equipped, in inventory, or in cargo) another piece with the "corrected' visuals. Would either group have a reason to be upset? Those unhappy the first time would have gotten what they wanted (Or had they traded away the first piece could have use the profits made from that transaction to gain the new "corrected" piece. Those that would have been unhappy with the (unexpected for them) changes could have made a decision and would have been able to happily kept what they paid for in game, If you made the new piece BoP there wouldn't have even been market consequences for the "additional" piece. My point is, that when you go about "Fixing" something, and the options are to add choices or take choices away... it seems safe to say the "Add choice" button is usually the safer button to push. as a foot note, I am peeved at the situation; not because BW made a "correction" even though I was unaware a correction needed to be made (I don't shop the CC store, I shop the GTN). What has my undies in a bind, is that SO many times we've been shown things that we can't have... We've been promised things that never appear... Same Sex Romance Hood Down option World PvP options Increased storyline and companion interaction Server transfers (Or legacies that span servers) to name a few And we get the same old story of "It's coming" or "We're aware of the problem and are working on it" This though, this small thing that disappointing a SMALL group of players.. THIS thing get s a 30 day priority fix. It seems Common Sense has followed Chivalry into the great abyss!
  6. For those that say "They told us in Dev posts that the items you see in game are mistakes and will be changed in a future patch, so you should have known it would be changed. To not change it would be FRAUD and FALSE ADVERTISING". I say this They also told us in the beginning they would offer us a HOOD DOWN option for Jedi robes They also showed us pictures and videos of Jedi robes without hoods That was over a year ago, where are those fixes? This time the mistake must suddenly be fixed right away. This time they make a mistake and not only do people NOT complain, but a majority of people go out of their way to purchase the items because they LIKE the way they look. In a game where for a year now, every Big shouldered hooded outfit that hides your face (which by the way is the ONLY really customizable part of your character) looks like every other hideous hooded hack; they FINALLY gave us some form fitting simple clothing that people like and gets positive feedback AND THAT'S WHAT THEY DECIDE TO FIX IMMEDIATELY? Fine then, I'll play!! FRAUD.... WHERE IS MY HOOD DOWN OPTION FALSE ADVERTISING.... WHERE IS MY HEAVY ARMOR WITHOUT HOODS Or you can just give me back my regular clothing, I customized my FACE at character creation, giving me the option to HIDE MY HEADPIECE so I can see my face does no friggen good if it immediately PLACES A FRIGGEN HOOD OVER MY FACE!!!!!!!! Yeah, I'm a little ticked. I play DESPITE what they refuse to fix, and finally a mistake goes right and THAT"S what becomes priority. *** man.... ***!
  7. I always try both trees with several different combinations before I make any suggestions. I've purposely not changed my spec in the last couple weeks so I could afford a host of re-specs after the changes. I've always been a big one for accuracy up to my max. I would say 6% acc is better than 3% unless it takes you to over 100%. That being said if you're close you may only need 1 or 2 points instead of all 3.
  8. Thanks for the kind words. Sorry I have not been on the forums for a while. I have mainly concentrated on my healing Scoundrel and Bounty Hunter, that and having just retired from the Navy I was working on mt Masters. That being said I'm very excited about the changes coming up in 1.2 and will probably be on my Guardian all weekend getting the new numbers together so I can re-post my 2.0 version of the guide with new build information and set contributions to skills. Thanks for the support all, look for an update possibly 4/16 or so.
  9. They are 1 off missions that you "learn" the ability to do one time from a mission item. Which I've found one of and seen another 3 on the trade network for sale for 20,000 credits..... Which made me laugh. Since you still have to pay to run the mission and the mission has a potential for a max of what 12,000 credits (Based off of an 8,000 credit crit on a rich level 5). These people were selling the mission for about twice what the max reward would be after mission costs... I wonder if anyone has paid that price???
  10. The hard numbers comes from your off hand. Sentinals would apply their off-hand damage to attacks, as well as the other talents that improve direct +crit and off-hand damage.... Just to amplify the point of the Sentinal. Guardian has fewer direct damage additions that can be applied to normal attacks than the "DPS" classes have
  11. Sadly as the name implies Guardians really are better at tanking than anything else. That isn't to say you CAN'T do something else, but it does say that you'd do whatever it is better if you were anything but a Guardian. A good DPS is max out the Focus tree (But a sentinal would do it better as they share that tree). If you want to do decent DPS and have above average survivability then I suggest a vigilance/defense hybrid build (Take vigilance to Overhead Slash and Force Rush)
  12. I've become used to a Hybrid Vig/Def build for PvE and I find the same build (-accuracy and +Shien Form for 1v1 fights) to be even more rewarding in PvP. I just am not experiencing many of the issues that I am reading on the forums. Is the Guardian uberl33tOPgodmode no, but then every class has problems in one form or another. For instance I never overheat, or run out of ammo! Could we use a couple small buffs, I think so yes, but I just don't see all the doom and gloom
  13. It would take about 3 max level Aumentations to make up the 3% you'd get from the talents. That's about 20% of the total Augmentation slots you have, just to balance you back out. The talent points are some of the best you can spend IMHO
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