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Great Launch


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I will be one of the few gamer who will congratulate Bioware on one of the best releases in the history of MMOs.

First of all you allowed 900000 plus people to download the game early so that when they receive an email, boom they can start playing. Most MMO's line people up at a store at midnight and force them to pick up a copy of the game, go home, install it, then wait while it patches for 2-6 hours while you as the gamer falls asleep.


Spacing the start, I love the concept: maybe some gamers like fighting over level 1-5 quests with 200 people who are racing to level 50 but I kinda wanna get early quests done and move on to the story. I for one hate the lag fest that ensues from the all in at once and am loving the limiting concept.


I know many will constantly flame this post and I expect it because the world is full of entitled people that want everything now and usually get it. I just wanted to tell Bioware that I appreciate the effort, and give them a big THANK YOU.


The only people I feel sorry for at all are any that put in their code the very first day of preorder and did not get in as this was probably the busiest day of preorders, for everyone else we only have ourselves to blame. After all these are BONUS DAYS not even the up to 5 days early that they offered.

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