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Decoration personnel menu

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I was thinking of a menu of where you can select a decoration personnel in your stronghold where it all shows the options of it either you want it to be a background NPC, a friendly NPC, a neutral NPC and an enemy NPC. On creative mode, enemy NPCs can't attack you, they'll have the red names, but they still can't attack you. If you're off creative mode, then they'll attack you. In the options menu of your personnel menu, you can also set the NPC difficulty to normal, strong, elite or boss. Can customize their behavior too like with crazy talk, battle plan and so on. Can access the personnel customization by laying out the NPC, once you set it down the menu pop up on the side of the image of the character you laid out. It's not the biggest idea I came up with, but it's something to make strongholds even more interesting.

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