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Genesis for Swtor

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  • 3 months later...

Hell yeah. That would be such a welcome addition.

Yesterday, I spent 3 hours grinding flashpoints up to level 55 from 31, while only being on Alderaan with my 329th Sith Warrior. My goal was to rush the story so I could go full Dark Side Lana romance, which meant I had no reason to redo the class missions again on this character. 

Finally, I got fed up going through it all for no payoff, and so skipped it all by grinding until I could instantly begin Forged Alliances.

Of course, this meant that I forfeited my Darth title, which I had been looking forward to when I created the warrior.

A permanent 2000 CC unlock which gives you an option to cover your major class choices, previous romance, and morality before starting KotFE would be so amazing.

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