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Blaster Holsters Disapper in Combat/Cutscenes


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Im here to give a full report about a 2 years long bug in a PAID PRODUCT


    What is the AMD or Nvidia Model Number of your graphics card?
    Nvidia GTX 1660ti
    Ryzen 7
    16GB RAM
    1TB SSD
    What time did this happen? Please include the timezone.
    11:18:57 AM UTC -3
    What class were you playing?
    Powertech Pyrotech
    Powertech Advanced Prototype
    Powertech Shield Tech
    Scoundrel Sawbones
    Scoundrel Ruffian
    Scoundrel Scrapper
    What role were you playing?
    Damange dealer
    How often does the bug occur?
    Everytime, its a 100% chance of occur
    What happens when the bug occurs?
    holster disapper and dont come back until you pay again for changing outfit weapon
    What do you expect to see?
    the holster that we paid more than a usual blaster pistol in cartel market
    Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves?
    Cutscenes, holster dont apper in any cutscene !!!
    1 - Equip any of the blaster pistols with holsters:
    Payday Blaster Pistol
    Mischief & Anarchy Blasters
    DT-11 Blaster Pistol
    Gambler's Luck Blaster Pistol
    Rascal's Way
    2 - Put the Blaster in hands (combat mode)
    3 - Use one of thoose habilities:
    Deadly Onslaught (Powertech)
    Searing Waves (Powertech)
    Recharge and Reload (Mercenary/Powertech)
    Firestorm (Powertech)
    Kolto Pack (Scoundrel)
    Underworld Medicine (Scoundrel)
    Kolto Waves (Scoundrel)
    habilities that hide the weapon in hand
    theory: what this hability have in commom ? they hide the blaster, and when the animation finish the programmer forgot to force holster to render back like he did with the pistol
    solution: Force render holster again or let the pistol stay in hands while casting the animation (good idea)
    obs: Make sure the weapon is on hand (basicaly combat mode)




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