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Companion Attacks Me


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My companion attacks me, pretty sure I've found the cause or at least a workaround. In short my companion while set to healing mode occasionally attacks me with an attack they have in tanking mode. My best guess is that due to the ability healing her on hit, it was falsely flagged as a healing ability. Then when setting what abilities she could use in healing mode, someone thought to set all healing abilities to target the player.

Sith Warrior

Jaesa Willsaam (dark), healer mode

Steps to replicate:
1) Set Jaesa Willsaam to tank mode first and make sure "Threatening Strike" is enabled.
2) Set Jaesa Willsaam to healer mode.
3) Go into combat and wait fer her to thrash you.

Steps to avoid:
Make sure that while in tank mode, Jaesa does not have Threatening Strike enabled.

When Threatening Strike was enabled, I was attacked by her every ~10-60 seconds lasting over an hour of gameplay. Without Threatening Strike enabled, I've played for about 10 minutes without any problems occurring.

It could just be a major coincidence, but I figured at least you'll have some sort of starting point. Hope this can be of some help to you and maybe Jaesa can be a bit more obedient now. XD

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Further update:
I have enabled combat logging and for the past hour or so decided to generate data for combat logs to supplement any information I already have. I re-enabled that tanking ability and noticed two more things that seem interesting.
First, the tanking ability Threatening Strike and the first slotted healing ability disables each other when deactivated. It seems that this one is intentional, so I'm not concerned about it.
Second, after re-enabling Threatening Strike for about an hour, she no longer does the animation or the damage dealt to my character. It's possible that disabling and re-enabling threatening strike fixed it, but it's also possible I was incorrect.

How this affects testing:
The fact that disabling and re-enabling it was a possible fix, tells me that if we were to recreate this problem we would need to use a newly recruited DS Jaesa and test before any abilities are toggled. Which very well might explain why this is so rare. Again, it is also entirely possible that the jumping was somehow timed with a large amount of enemy damage which led me to believe that she was attacking me. 

How this affects other players:
Due to the fact that you can just toggle abilities to fix it, I don't see this a major issue. If anyone else has this issue, please post in here and update with any info you may have. 

Huge note to bug-fixing team:
This seems to have an easy fix and be a rare issue, so it's probably not a big priority for you guys, unless other players report the same issue. I see no issue with just putting this off until other players confirm the issue.

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