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Fix the SANCTIFIED CARETAKER SET (the boots have been broken since being added to the CM)


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Hi all,

The Sanctified Caretaker set is an iconic SWTOR set, and one of the first few items to be added to the CM when it went live.

I purchased it straight away, and for the most part it looks good, great Force User aesthetic with little clipping.

However, the texture of the boots is broken, and has been since day 1.

Please consider fixing it, I and I'm sure others have paid for it, and it's too good a set to be forever broken!

You can find an image of the CM item HERE but it's easily referenced by opening the SANCTIFIED CARETAKER BOOTS in the CM and previewing them.  In addition, said boots are used as the model for the OMENBRINGERS light armor set on Repside.

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