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R-4 Anomaly Operation


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Hey folks,


As you likely saw in our most recent blog post, 7.1 has entered the final phase of our PTS! The Manaan Daily Area is now available for testing and more to the point of this thread, all of the R-4 Anomaly Operation will also be available.


Lady Dominique is the newest boss that has been added to the Operation. As she is the 4th and final boss, we wanted to make her a bit special, so we really honed and focused our efforts into some wild new mechanics and surprises players haven’t seen in the past.


One focus in particular was how the encounter communicates to the player in terms of readability of the boss mechanics. Our VFX team did some new work throughout the Operation, so we’re looking forward to what you all think about these improvements as you go through R-4 on PTS.


What’s great about working on SWTOR is the ability to try out new things and constantly find ways we can improve and enhance the player experience. We will continue to make changes to future Operations to bring new experiences to our players.



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