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Clarification on the Rewards


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On Vulkk's page about the PTS rewards, he says:


To get the title “The Cutting Edge”, you will need to complete every major story mission up until the new and still unreleased expansion, this means everything up to and including 6.0 Onslaught.


Here is a list of achievements BioWare provided for you to track:


“Revenge of the Archon” or “Taking on Toborro”

“Facing the Shadow” or “Confronting the Shadow”

“Complete Chapter XVI of KOTFE”

“Complete Chapter IX of Eternal Throne”

“The Race to Refuel” or “The Failsafe


Is this true? I'm asking because the character I've been doing everything with is on Objective Meridian, but after the cut scene, I'm dumped outside the flashpoint's entrance with no way of progressing. I've done the usual things like trying to reset a phase, resetting the mission, logging in and out, etc. Nothing has helped. The console next to the entrance is inactive. I'm simply stuck. I've completed everything up until that point except Oricon, and if I don't have to progress further, that would be great as I could focus on other stuff.

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That is what everything is pointing to, i've done all the requirements but i havn't gotten anything yet and we arn't to know until the release in feb.


Their is a forum that people are posting pics to show they have meet the requirements but honestly i can't be bothered with that but if you feel you need to you can post your stuff in there.

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