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Bastilla Shan's Double-Bladed Lightsaber

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Please consider adding this as a belt holstered model that shares the blade properties with the Fallen Jedi (Revan's Sith) Lightsaber?


The above's sound properties are classic and perfect but the triumph is the blade properties which give us a blade that is thin enough to allow the crystals that throw out a thick blade corona but are controlled to render gorgeous looking blades we've not had before.


It's doubly important here as they allow a yellow crystal to be used and not have a blade that is incredibly thick and unseemly and as we know Bastilla's crystal was yellow.


This is such an iconic weapon from the lore of KOTOR and plays a founding role in SWTOR's story.


Appeal can be increased (along with sales) to the single and dual-wield Jedi and Sith classes by adding a single hilt variant as was done with Satele Shan's weapon, which can be named 'Bastilla Shan's Training Lightsaber' or 'Bastilla Shan's Sparring Lightsaber' there's a nice familial synergy right there!

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