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Items from the Underworld Exchange Vendors at the Cartel Bazaar


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Right now, the way the items from the Underworld Exchange Vendors work is a mess.


Initially, those items were Cartel Market items, and they behaved like the rest of Cartel Market items:

In order to buy them, you needed to gain reputation with some factions from the Cartel Market, and you could only do that by buying Cartel Market packs (with Cartel Coins: real money), and using the items inside the packs that raise your reputation. Once your reputation was high enough, you bought the items using Cartel Market Certificates that, again, you could only get from Cartel Packs or (very rarely) from the Contraband Slot Machine.


At some point, those items were changed from Cartel Market Item to reputation items (the ones with a sort of a star on them) but, unlike the other reputation items, these items were bound at pickup instead of bound to legacy.


Right now, you can see that some of these items have "Locked in collection" (what collection?) in their descriptions. However, if you buy the item and bound it to you, the item is still "Locked in collection".

Besides that, if you try to return the item to the seller, the game doesn't let you do it, treating the item like if it were a Cartel Market item, when it is not anymore.


Obviously, there are several bugs, but I think the devs should establish some orderliness with these items, instead of just fixing the bugs separately.


I suggest that the items from the Underworld Exchange Vendors will be changed to the original Cartel Market items: bound at pickup, and they count to unlock collections like if they were bought from the Cartel Market.


I understand that Underworld Exchange reputation is now easier to get, and that with Nar Shaddaa slot machines event, the Cartel Market Certificates are more abundant, so I would understand if the price for the items is raised, but I don't see the point of having several versions of the same items, with one of them not functioning properly. Besides, I think it's not fair for the people who bought the Cartel packs to raise their Cartel reputation to be presented with a selection of items of less value (Collection unlocking is a plus that we have lost) instead of the Cartel Market version of the items.

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