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Decoration: Forge Bartering Table Scale Issue


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The Forge Bartering Table from the Mandalorian Forge Decoration Bundle seems to have a scale problem.


The entire set is much smaller than the actual items in the TV show.

The table is at the proper height for /chair

The stools are really tiny and cannot be sat upon.


I checked out some screenshots --


In the artwork in the credits, the table is small like the decoration.

It's like a little chabudai (short-legged table) where you sit seiza (on your shins).

The characters are sitting that way. Unfortunately, there's no emote for us to sit that way. (Please add one?)


In the actual episode, the table is low, like a coffee table, but they're sitting on normal stools.

Check out Season 1, Episode 3, "The Sin" at about the 9:46 mark for a great view of the set.


Please scale it up to the proper size? Thanks!

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