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Game stuck at 0% in quick play


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How do I fix this issue?

I've look up old threads but nothing to help me.

Bitraider is deleted, so that didn't help. Also the repair button doesn't work for me because it only works "after patching has completed or when errors are detected while patching".

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Here, this has helped me and others to fix the issue:


FIXED -- error in launcher config file


After experiencing the same issue (characters not available for play after latest update), I've been able to resolve the matter by fixing - of all things - a spelling error in the SWTOR launcher configuration file.


In my case, it had to do with the BitRaider app apparently not handling the update properly due to, as it seems, a simple spelling error in the 'launcher.settings' file. This file is located in the main game directory ('\Program Files (x86)\Star Wars-The Old Republic' for me).


Close the game, then open the launcher.settings file in Notepad. Look for the following line:


, "bitraider_disable": false


and change this to


, "bitraider_disable": "false"


So yes, just add 2 parentheses like in the other lines. After this change, the following happened for me:


- After starting the launcher, the game started to update again, re-downloading some 320 items, including most of the 'Asset' folder (around 25 GB?).

- It reported an error with 66 of the files, and prompted me to press 'Repair'. Which I did.

- Lengthy repair procedure

- I pressed 'Play' again, and was greeted by a server selection screen, followed by the character selection screen with all chars available for play. Tested & worked. Yay!



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