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ET quest Line is the worst!


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Glitch Glitch Glitch Glitch

I have never encountered a game with so many glitches. This is a bit of a rant but it is a genuine product of legitimate frustration.


First, the Gravestone door won't open. In the part where you are coming back with Lana after finding food and water., and you're supposed to meet up with Koth to go find ship parts. ya well, I could not do it, The ship door was locked when I got back and would not open. I had to reset the quest and go out with Koth first to get around the glitch.


Next was fighting the Gemini captain. Note I have played this through with different toons so I know how things are supposed to go. It started with the poison gas. that I disabled and it should have gone away but it didn't. And it was on every deck of the ship. It was killing me at a rate that my healing companion could barely keep up with. Any significant droids would kill me. And I was playing story mode! I died 8 times on the way to the bridge. And when I got to the bridge, did the gasses stop?... Nope. Not to mention the Gemini Captain had like God powers and was killing me in like 3 hits. I tried several times only like once did I manage to make it to the part where she duplicates herself. Note this was my first time doing the questline so I didn't know it was broken. I ended up logging out in frustration. When I came back, the glitch seemed to have fixed itself because to my surprise she was incredibly easy to kill, and there was no poison gas!


Next glitch playing it through on a different toon. Going after the Gemini captain, I think, it has been a while At some point, you required to blow open a door or lid on one of those tubes that run between decks. I did and it went through all the animation of blowing the door open. It showed the lid lying on the ground well at the same time to my dismay the lid was still in the tube. I had to log out and in for it to disappear.


The next glitch was again on the Geminis captain's ship. In the part where you are running through a circular area and the Gemini says something to the line of "whoo I haven't pushed this button before" and it starts venting flames through the walkway and you can't walk through them without it kicking you back. The flames are supposed to work on an interval so that they go away for a short time so that you can run past that area. Well in my case one of them didn't. It just ran and ran. Fortunately, It makes a click sound shortly before it turns off and I found out that if timed it right, using the other vents for a time reference, I was able to run through the flame without getting kicked back.


Next Glitch on Odessen. At the part where you are given a quest that requires you to go board your personal starship and go to Zekuul to find Yuun. Well, one big problem. When playing through on my BH, my ship was missing! This didn't go away with logging out. It stayed missing day in and day out until randomly halfway through the questline it randomly appeared. But not the BH ship. No, it was the Sith warrior ship that appeared. And then when I went to board it, I couldn't find the door. Then I realized there was a wing over the door like as if there were two spaceships occupying the same space at the same time. Fortunately, I found out the wing that was blocking the door from view was one of those objects that you can walkthrough.


Just now before writing this I was on the gravestone in the part where Vaylin and Scorpio are attempting to capture the ship. Koth has set up the ship to explode and you are tasked with disabling the bomb. There are several nodes around the ship that you have to find and deactivate. But here is the glitch. The first time you click on a node it automatically kills you. Ya, you have to click on a node, die, then run back and click on it again to deactivate it.


Honestly, I love storyline in eternal thrown. Its a lot of fun. But the frequency of these glitches is so frustrating. Please fix it.

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