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World PvP revival


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A few suggestions to make the PvP instances on planets more attractive to be in. As they are now, I'm lucky to find more then 2 people in them, most of the time. World PvP is nearly dead, as a result.


1) Increased XP gain. This one is a no-brainer. If you make it so players gain - say - 25% more experience in PvP instances compared to PvE ones, they will have the incentive to move there. Risk of getting killed by enemy faction players while questing, vs. reward of getting 25% more experience from it. The faint-hearted can still enjoy their nice safe PvE instances, while the more adventurous can enjoy a boosted EXP gain, in a more dangerous PvP environment.


2) No planetary level-cap in PvP instances. A simple reversion to how it was before level-cap was introduced. PvP instances only, so PvE ones would be unaffected. NPC mobs should of course be buffed accordingly, to provide more challenge.


3) Special PvP-instance-only rewards, for any player that completes a planetary story arc, entirely in a PvP instance. Warzone medpacs/adrenals, Valor boosts, etc. Maybe a chance for rare Tactical drop, etc.


With these incentives, I predict that planetary PvP instances would quickly become a much more popular place to play in. I hope you'll consider this idea, developers.

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