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Strongholds: Wall Hook Bugs -- Embedded Objects


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There seems to be a number of wall hooks that have become partially embedded into the walls of strongholds and guild flagships. These were hooks that have been working perfectly for years. Even decorations that were placed (and working) ages ago are now half inside of walls. Some of them are even tilted, so only the top half isn't working.


(In addition, I previously reported that most rugs aren't working in many flagship hooks. They never appear.)


For example, Nar Shaddaa stronghold, go inside and down the stairs. There is a wall hook between the two doors leading farther inside. I've had a Portrait: Gold Plated Hutt decoration there for a long time. Now, the top half is stuck in the wall and the bottom half barely shows. Removing and re-placing the item doesn't help.


Another example, the top hooks closest to the observation windows in Imperial guild flagship hangars are also acting this way, where some or all of an Iokath Steam Vent doesn't show (but you still see the steam coming out).



I imagine the devs have done some tinkering? Please tinker some more, thanks.

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