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Group Finder Lockout Timer


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The lockout timer in Group Finder needs some changes. There needs to be a way where you don't get a lockout timer if you're the one trying to use it as intended. I don't know how to accomplish this. An example is, just now I queued for a FP and was pulling into a group that had been struggling on the 3rd boss of the FP. We die once because they don't understand the mechanic, and they all leave. I re-queue and 2 more people enter, and then leave before any fighting. I can sit there and play that until I find a group, or I can just leave and start it fresh. I leave, I get a lockout timer.



There are a lot of examples, but I'm asking for a more intuitive system where you don't penalize people who are just trying to use the GF for how it was intended.

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