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Some ideas for future strongholds

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This is a list of suggestions for future strongholds:



- Dromund Kaas:

A big Dark Temple or something like that to have a Sith-themed stronghold


- Alderaan:

Two areas. First area => a big castle with a medium garden and second area => a medium cave


- Belsavis:

An old Rakata Bunker


- Voss:

Three areas. First area => a big Voss house with a medium garden, second area => a medium Voss temple and third area => a medium cave


- Makeb:

A big domain with some big houses and gardens with the Makeb style


- Manaan:

Add 2 new medium rooms


- Zakuul:

A big palace like the Palace of the Eternal Dragon


- Darvannis:

Two areas. First area => a big Mandalorian stronghold and second area => some Darvannis houses or an area for a Mandalorian camp like the existing camp in Darvannis to have a Mandalorian-themed stronghold


- Dantooine:

First area => a medium/big Jedi Enclave like in Kotor I, second area => some Dantooine houses like in Kotor I (3 or 4) and third area => some Dantooine farms with fields to have a Jedi-themed Dantooine stronghold.



I think some old planets in swtor could have a stronghold. I admit I wait for a long time now a stronghold for Voss (at least with a big house and a temple) and Alderaan.

For Dantooine, I really think a Jedi-themed Dantooine stronghold with several areas like Rishii stronghold could be great (and for the other future strongholds too). Of course I can understand there is always the old Jedi Enclave. But why not to built a new Jedi Enclave with this stronghold and keep the old Jedi Enclave (the ruins) as a new area to explore. I think it's a very good opportunity to have a Jedi-themed stronghold.


Feel free to share your opinion about that.

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A Starship "stronghold". About the internal volume of the Dromund Kaas/Coruscant stronghold, two decks (one command/crew, one engineering and cargo bay/shuttle bay), with reasonable sized compartments and bridge (Christ... enough with basketball court size areas, especially the bridge) with the textures of the Rishi Patrol Carrier.


It's Star Wars, that there is no ship personal "stronghold" is silly, come on guys. And no, guild flagships do not count!

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I'd like to see decoration hooks added to our personal ships. As far as a Zakuul SH, I've wanted one for a long time. But I don't want it huge, I want it small. It should be like Kaliyo's apartment.

As an apartment, Kaliyo's is ***huge***. It's about 200 feet (60-ish metres) from where you zone in from below to the far wall, and the speeder garage is beyond that wall.


And hooks won't happen in the personal ships themselves, since there is too much scripted action that happens in them. A ship-shaped (not the same thing as ship-shape) mini stronghold, sure, but not the ship itself.

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