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Companion and legacy tree


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Hello everybody,

while this is not a completely new topic, but I find it always interesting and would like to think with you together how to implement it. Maybe someone would read it from the development team and pick up the idea if enough people join in. It goes as the title already means the legacy tree. Who does not dream of creating his own companion himself and then this is not even a no name. It is also clear that if you choose a different char as a fellow, he does not have all the abilities he masters, but has abilities / attacks like a standard companion (you should think for each class what it can do, but there is almost enough Possibilities.)

The following options are available in the Legacy Tree:


Life partner:

Your character found the right one? Why not and why not start with your loved ones together in the new adventure. (If you already have an NPC you just have to decide what you want or should both go ...)


Rival: You have subjugated an "enemy" and he swears his allegiance and has resigned himself to the fact that you are better.



e.g. the Jedi Knights and the Front Fighter have always been good friends, why not save the galaxy together?


Child / Adopted child:

You want to pass on yours to the next generation, why not educate your children.


Brother, sister:

Who says that heroes are single children? Maybe you even have a twin brother / sister


I think you could even depending on the selection get a small bonus (Dodge, damage, movement rate, speed, defense, etc.) not much but a few percent and only if enough influence was built. It would be nice if you could then set up the companion in the fortress. That you can not lead dialogues with him / her is also clear otherwise the programmers would have nothing else to do.


So why should programmers take the hassle and how should they get the character? I think you should open a recruiting office on the fleet where you can get the char. then "coincidentally" hits if you select it then a few text dialogues and off you go to save the galaxy. Of course, you can not choose or change as many as you like, not the aspiring heroes. Whether you make unlocks on antitrust coins, credits, tokens, etc. you would have to think. It could also be done so that only at full impact level of Char. permanently with one remains and otherwise only a few hours a day ever influence (who knows what exploits are still waiting ^^)

So that was my idea, I hope there are constructive comments and ideas.


(and sorry for my bad English is something from the exercise)

many Greetings Dark Kanen

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