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Command XP Idea


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I have noticed since my return to the game that the quests that you can do only once per character gives an insulting amount of cxp, 75cxp per quest, regardless of the time it takes to complete, rendering them entirely tedious to do, while quests that can be done daily (daily quests and heroic quests) give alot more.


The idea is to put a quest onto the solo activity board where you can click on to do the various things and put in a quest for every single planet where it gives you 10-20k cxp for completing ALL non-repeatable quests on the planet you pick.


I mean, i love story and all, but when there are so many quests and you just don't get much back for all the time consumed, while doing a mere 4 dailies, 1 heroic and an area quest gives you 14k cxp...it really does take the piss.


Also, can you Please, make it so that when it says 10% boost in xp or cxp, make it 10% of the total xp cxp you are getting instead of a base amount, it makes the 50% xp boost armour not really 50% and the 10% cxp legacy perk is not really 10% and that is severely overpriced for 10%, make it 50%, then it would be worth price.


I know i am likely going to get flamed by hardcore grinders for this post, but i honestly don't give a toss about it, this needs to be brought up, otherwise nothing gets done until its been heard as loud as possible.

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"Insulting" is hardly the word I'd use. It's at worst "frustrating" rather than an actual insult.


And 10K-20K for a whole planet's worth of one-off missions (this game does not call them quests) makes for a poor return on time invested compared to running dailies or chapters.


(Compare running around all over Coruscant tracking down missions in weird corners for 20K versus stomping round CZ for 5K or Yavin for 9K.)


And how should it work for characters who were live during 2.0, say, and have long since purged a bunch of planets of all their missions? (No, not all my characters who are in that position have CL300.)

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