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Proposal for Conquest Changes


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If : There were a way for the game to check the number of qualifying accounts when a planet (low, medium, high yield) is selected by a guild.

Then: Any guild with more than 25 qualifying accounts would be prohibited from selecting the low yield planet, and any guild with more than 75 qualifying accounts would be prohibited from selecting the medium yield planet.


Let the debate begin.

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A reason some changes were made to the conquest system were to give smaller guilds a chance to compete. At least on Star forge server that has been a failure as the top 4 to 5 guilds try to avoid each other and one of the large guilds always selects the small planet. So I think your idea has some merit. :)


A threshold for number of qualifying accounts should be implemented, perhaps higher than your proposed 25 and 75 number though, this threshold could be fluid and change week to week too.


Currently, the faction specific starter planets (Hutta, Korriban, Tython and Ord Mantell) and the capital planets Coruscant and Dromund Kaas are not in the conquest rotation. So add 2 more planets out of these 6 (one imperial & one republic) to each weeks conquest and make them small yield as well, with a qualifying account number restriction. This will give a smaller guild some advertising benefit for recruiting.


I also think a guild wide cooldown should be given to prevent the winner of a specific planet from selecting that planet the next time it is a conquest goal.


Maybe combine threshold idea with a cooldown and not allow guilds of a certain size to choose medium or large for two consecutive weeks in a row. In other words the guild would have to alternate, if lets say they make the top 10 or something like that.


As a side note; any guild with a flagship should have an option for summoning, to either let the guild OR THE PLAYER pay for the summons. Currently, this favors the large guilds with more credits over less wealthy guilds so an option to let a player pay for the summons would be nice. Your guild would still need a flagship for you to summon, but the gm could choose to let players above a certain rank summon with guild funds or for an option for payment by the player.

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