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I started a second account for trades and the like before I got a legacy bank, so I wouldn't have to ask guild mates to help with trades to equip alts and I played it a while also and have some lvl 70 alts on there, I am hoping that there is a way to merge these 2 accounts, they both have the same legacy name on them, one has about 55 alts and the other is about 17 alts but I wish the 17 one merged and added onto the 55 one so I have to pay only for 1 account a month, not 2.


I have heard trying it would break the accounts, but what do they mean by breaking the account, would both accounts become unplayable or what.


and I will miss going to the NY cantina event, I was already making plans to go and wished to talk to Keith, and Eric about the game, but these questions are hard to do during a live evet, better to do on the side.


What I have head in forums is that they don't want to be able to merge accounts because what if someone buys someone else's account and merges it into theirs then there may be problems in in separating the account if the original owner wants it back, I can see that but I am the original owner of both accounts and it would make it easier for me to play those alts than to log out of one account and onto another.


Also I heard that it could break or damage 1 or both accounts to merge them. I have worked hard on both accounts to get them to this point., I would like to hear the pros and cons before anything is done. I would save me money every month if it could happen

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