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What are the basic statistics for Sentinel/Marauder and Sage/Sorcerer?


Marauder: Good damage but squishy as hell and you'll die in two seconds if you are unskilled/not max gear. Very specific class/the opposite of jack-of-all trades but like I said lots of damage and you can annoy the **** out of opponents and cause a LoTtA dAmAgE if you play it right.


Sorc: Very versatile and can hold their own in any situation, multiple bubbles that prevent damage and even an invincibility bubble that lasts for a long *** time. Lots of damage as well as great heals.


In short, Marauder if you really want two lightsabers, jump up close cloak for a few seconds then reappear and pressure opponents, sorc for lasting long and dealing damage/healing from afar.

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