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Items names and other game windows glitching out/ Misnamed etc.


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Everything is scrambling here and there. From searching items on the GTN to the names of items listed on the CM. Nothing is showing up right. I've had to change zone or go to character select to get things to correct. Eventually glitches out again.


Using the free teleport given picking up planetary heroic missions now insta-kill apon use / loading in the designated area. Happened three times in a row this morning. Seems random.


Character preview window scrambles with text off center. When this happens you're unable to click the companion tab to preview the item on your companion.


Abilities delays (NOT LAG) when in combat. Also delays when in stronghold are still happening. Took two to three tries to get anything clickable in my stronghold to activate. Bank, GTN, ETC.


Also, I cannot tell if the new Flair is even listed by players on the GTN or even available for direct purchase from the CM. Items are giving off the wrong name on both.

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