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New stronghold titles please


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I like the current stronghold titles fairly well, but could we have a few more? I have a few suggestions. One or two are parodies or homages to certain films, but I don't think they'll be trademark/ copyright violations.




Outcast's (or Outlaw's) Encampment

Alliance Holdout

Outlaw's Holdout

Barter Hive

Barter Pit

Thunder Pit

Rebel's Holdout

Imperial Bastion

Resplendent Resort

Mercantile Hub

Waypoint / Traveler's Waypoint / ____ Waypoint

Secret Stash


If you have suggestions, feel free to add to this thread. :)

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I went to great lengths to build a base out of Holding Cells, Frozen Carbonites, security cameras, Quaruntine Laser Pens, and a metric ton of Mandalorian Elites pointing guns at people. I created a Prison, where I can lock up Quinn, Skadge, and other enemies to the Alliance.


So dad-gum, I want to call it something Prison-y, instead of "[Characters]'s Happy Funland Vacation Place Where Everything Is Great".

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Here's a list of the ones that I have. (I think I have them all, and if not, I have most of them.) Some are not "Happy Camper" types.


* Stronghold

* Marketplace Cantina

* Vacation Retreat

* Imperial Sanctuary

* Jedi Academy

* Galactic Stronghold

* Pirate's Roost

* Lair of Shadows

* Chamber of Deception

* Chamber of Truth

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We certainly do need some more stronghold labels, especially since the release of 3 more strongholds and many more decorations. There are a couple of threads around here with fantastic suggestions. You can probably find them with Google. (Though some industrious forum reader might be able to link them for you.)
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