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MacroBinoculars Mission: The Shroud Revealed


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The Shroud Revealed [Heroic 4] is the last thing you must do to complete the macro binocular mission. The whole mission in general takes way too long as you travel across the galaxy to each planet, finding relays that are scattered across the map. Players must complete these missions at their own pace and few ever make it to the last part, The Shroud Revealed.

I would like to point out that this mission is so difficult to find others that made it this far in the macro binocular mission. Many give up because its too long. This mission requires 3-4 players as there is a part in the mission where 3 players will have to shoot at the same time at a power relay to discharge the door. However, it is impossible to even find another player that is at the same point as you are in the mission. Also, the mission cannot be shared, making it even more frustrating.

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