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[Event Invitation] 50 In Your Stronghold Achievement


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Please Note: We completed this event on 3rd June 2018. Our next server event is on June 24th. I'll post more about that nearer the time ;)



Stroke my Wookie are hosting our next House Party and you are invited! This is what we call the "50 In Your Stronghold Achievement" farms that we run. We've led the event several times in the past to get loads of people all the stronghold achievements. It's just straight up stronghold hopping so make sure to have your favorite food/drink/vice to hand as there isn't a whole lotta action :p



Sunday 3rd June 13:10 BST - Imperial Fleet


How to join in

It's really easy, just read the key guide below this text and then on the day be ready to join the group when I advertise in Imperial Fleet general chat. We'll invite guild members and friends first and then open up invites to those on fleet. We are only planning to take a maximum of 3 full ops groups, so 72 players.


Total event time for that many people should be in the 2-3 hour range. I've done my best to optimise the time and our method is definitely one of the fastest but there are two things that have slowed us down tremendously in the past: people with slow loading times and those that had trouble understanding how to give out the keys we need. This time I will be strict about people delaying the group with slow loading times and I have provided screenshots to show how to give out keys at the bottom of this post ;)


Avoid the smugglers fee

If you use a Coruscant stronghold then people will have to pay a 1000 credit smugglers fee to enter. Because Agents and Smugglers are super sneaky they only have to pay 250. We can't force people to pay the fee, it is their choice so you may find that you don't get 50 people willing to visit your stronghold. If you can, please use another stronghold.


Make sure you have room for us!

You must have enough of your stronghold unlocked to accommodate 50 people. Unlocking additional rooms let's you take more people in, read all about it here in Dulfys Stronghold guide. Don't use the Umbara Train or Manaan strongholds as they only let you have 30 & 35 players. Fully unlocked Yavin 4 is the best to use.


People Needed/Achievements

  • 01 - Just Hanging Out
  • 05 - Not Quite A party
  • 10 - Send Regrets Only
  • 25 - The Noisy Neighbor
  • 50 - Bringing Down The House
  • 95 achievement points in total


House Party Rules

  1. You must join us on the SMW teamspeak server before the event start time
    • We'll give a special temp password out in the ops groups that will bring you to the correct channel
    • We won't be typing all night as it wastes a lot of time

[*] You will be replaced if you take too long to load into each stronghold

  • Unlike in the past, I will be strict on this as it can double/triple the overall time for the entire group
  • I will start a stopwatch each time we switch stronghold
  • People that are continually taking over 1m to change strongholds will be removed
  • If you have a slow connection or PC you should still join in as you may find it is ok for stronghold loading
  • Try it and see

[*] If you DC but return before we get a replacement you can join the group again

[*] If you DC and rejoin shortly after we get a replacement you can join the back of the visit q if there is still room

[*] If you use your Coruscant strongholds then you run the risk that you won't get enough people willing to pay the smugglers fee to enter

[*] Imperial characters only

[*] Please don't just get your achievements and leave the group/fake a DC as it spoils it for those that are still waiting, "How rude!" :csw_c3po:


How to give out stronghold keys


Step 1: Open Stronghold Panel (Press U) and press "KEYS" on the stronghold you want to use



Step 2: Change the "Share Keys" dropdown to "Silver Key"




Step 3: Send silver keys to our group leaders when it's your turn on the night


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