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List of recent offers. Is this a right place?


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Since I do not see any reaction, I want to bring in this post all the proposals that have been written recently. Maybe I'm writing in the wrong place, my language skills are not very good.


1.Paazak, while waiting for pvp or operation and in the casino.Well, you can not do the race )

2. Possibility to paint walls, floors, ceilings in the strongholds and guild ships. With the help of color modules for example, such as used for painting armor. Rugs on the walls. Really big rugs.

3.The ability to take a picture of the hero in full growth and in a beautiful place. Group photos of the raid against the background of a dead monster. For coins. Normal screenshots that can be printed and hung on the wall, for clothes or dishes.A photographer or a photobooth in beautiful places.

4.The ability to disable the excess vegetation in the pvp zone yavin 4. I strengthened my computer twice but I still see there is a slow movie. Ability to abandon this area altogether if problems are not resolved.

5. Convenient sorting of materials in a legacy cargo bay. We have enough content to not waste time searching for material.

6.Finally, remove unnatural foot movements at the beginning of 80% quests. It's impossible to get used to the game story when every 10 minutes reminds you that it's pixels on the screen, and badly programmed.

7.The ability to play for minions or the boss against a raid. I know it's complicated, but all of a sudden?

Too little sense in missions where one never kills. Unexpected replenishment of enemy troops at critical moments. Doubling the radius of aggro for heroic missions.

To complicate the heroic and story quests and to weaken the companions. It's too easy to play.

Tell me, does it make sense at all to write here some suggestions?

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