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Can't Buy Cartel Coins In-Game for Several Months Now


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Not sure what's changed, but I haven't been able to buy cartel coins directly through the game's interface for several months now...and YES, the option is still checked on my account that allows for the purchases to be made in-game. Same credit card, still valid, nothing has changed.


"An error occurred while processing your request. Please try again later.

Error Code: 10"


EDIT: NEVER MIND :rolleyes: Clicked on the "change payment method" button next to where it shows I have in-game purchases enabled, and it shows my card info TWICE. Changed it to the other one and now it works. ***, when you update your card info (probably had to change my exp date awhile back) it should be REPLACING the information, not ADDING another card to the list. While my reported issue is solved, what I just mentioned is something that should really be looked into and fixed.

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