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Small, Heavy RP Guild Looking for RPers [Imp, Satele Shan]


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Hey there, everybody! I'm the co-leader of a guild named <The Dark Ascendancy>. We're a heavy RP guild with custom lore and a close, tight-knit community. We just got back from a hiatus, and we're looking for people to add to our small family.


A short summary of our lore: We're an isolated empire, simply called the Ascendancy, born out of the sith who ignored Vitiate's call all those years ago. We're a prospering, healthy empire operating independently from the Sith Empire, the Galactic Republic, or Zakuul. Our Ascendancy operates with a house system of nobility made mostly of purebloods, but we also have imperial nobility for those who are not purebloods. Think Game of Thrones meets Star Wars - if that sounds like something you're interested in, then this guild is for you.


We're full of talented, creative roleplayers who are usually, if not always, down to roleplay. We have regular RP events - usually at least one a week, and we listen to members for event ideas and character arc ideas. In this guild, we're all about giving everybody their time in the spotlight, meaning that we will make RP events that potentially focus on your character! We're a close community, and we're all helpful and friendly. I know that sounds generic, but my guildies are my friends for life, and I can't imagine being in a world without them!


But it doesn't stop there! We're also planning on PVP and PVE events once we get enough members. We already do heroic runs and are working on World Boss hunts - OPs and PVP are the natural, next step that we, as a guild, would like to take. But these kind of events will always take a backseat to roleplay, so keep that in mind if you're looking for a guild that's mostly OPs/PVP/PVE - we might not be what you're looking for!


If you're interested in our guild, but not quite sure yet, then take a look at our Shivtr page! http://dark.ascendancy.shivtr.com/ On our forums, you can read about our guild and it's lore, some of the characters that reside in it, and even check out things like our role system and some forum roleplays, just to get a taste of what we're like.


Never roleplayed before? Not a problem! We all have to start somewhere, and our guild is very welcoming to new roleplayers. We've all been there, and any of our members would be happy to help you develop your characters and writing style.


If you have any questions about our guild, please don't hesitate to ask me or look up "Ascendancy" on the "Who" tab in the game. Just to clarify, we're Imp side on the Satele Shan server. Thanks so much for your time reading this, and we hope to welcome you to our family soon!

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hey there


are you still looking for recruits? I am a returning player to SWTOR and I am looking to join a guild. I am an Experienced role player (having RPd on Guild wars 2 AND WoW) and I would love to RP.


my Character is Leallisis, a human Sith Assassin

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