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Modification: Hide Guild Tag Function


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This is a quality of life suggestion that I believe could be easily implemented by the Star Wars the Old Republic team at BIO-WARE.

Currently there is an option in game to hide guild name-plates (this is under preferences: name-plates) which is a somewhat helpful feature. However this function hides ALL guild name tags for ALL players that you can see (including ones own guild tag). I propose that this function be modified by the developers so that the player may also select to hide their OWN guild tag from other players.

This would work in the same way as displaying (or not displaying) titles next to ones character name.

The end result would be other people would be unable to see what guild you were in if you chose not disclose that information. If one wished to display their guild name they could still do so (same as where we are now).


Why you might ask, is this necessary? Well, for the majority of us we did not choose the name of the guild that we currently inhabit. That was decided a long time ago by the four founding members. In some cases we join a guild only to have the guild name changed at a later date to something less desirable (from our own point of view). Some players are unhappy about the new name but they do not wish to leave on the account of their friends within the guild. This is just one example of how this proposed modification could be beneficial.


Not sure how to end this post. Here's a smiley?:o

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