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Giveaway announcement - November 25th


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For those of you who are interested, the next fleet giveaway will be on Saturday, November 25th at 7pm Pacific time on Vaiken Spacedock. As always, everyone is invited. Prizes will include cartel packs, mounts, credits, and much more!


If you have attended a Hannith giveaway before, you know that "Estian" is my legacy name and wins a big prize for the first person to answer when it is asked. For the November 25th giveaway, I am including a keyword here on the forums to thank those of you who have been kind enough to show interest in these events and have looked here for this announcement. The keyword for this giveaway is: thankful. So, when I ask what the keyword is for those who have checked the forums, type "thankful" as fast as you can for your chance at a great bonus prize!


Datacron summoning: For those of you who need either of the Makeb datacrons, there will be a summons available for these during this event (special thank you to the Ruxter for making this possible!).


Would you like to see the "gift or gamble" game prizes double to 400k for gift and 800k for gamble for this giveaway event? If this thread reaches 200 views or more before the November 25th event begins, I will double the current prize amounts for the "gift or gamble" game. Thanks again for being supportive of these events!

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