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Want To Be In A Guild That Doesnt Expect Much? Here we are!


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Council Of Pain. Sure, were new but hey, you have to start somewhere. Plus we have hot chicks.

By joining our guild, you can do absolutely nothing and we wont harsh your buzz. Or you can lead a division and become the leader your parents know you shouldve been.


We have RPers who want that.

Because none of us are real hardcore PvPers but want to learn and get better, we wont curse you out because you didnt heal or tank to our specifications.

PvE is available too.


Everything you could possibly want or NOT want is available through our guild.

Simply want the XP boost? No problem.


But, do you like free stuff? I have this addiction to Cartel Packs and I certainly dont mind sharing to those who make a difference in our humble yet loyal group.


See you in the field.


Council Of Pain

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