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Sanguine Bounty & Sanguine Galaxy Welcome New Satele Shan Merge Players!


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Looking for a guild that has been here for the games Entirety? Look No Further! Along with Celebrating our guilds 5th Active year we want to invite you to our family. We are PvE-Endgame Ops, PvP, GSF, and Event Raiders! We have been getting everyone on Harbinger there achievements since year 1 and will continue on the new server. Need a home? Players that know? Groups to get it done? Sanguine can help. We pride ourselves with getting information out as soon as it hits on our Social medias http://www.facebook.com/SanguineGuild and http://www.twitter.com/SanguineGuild if your into voice chatting with teams we have Discord setup with all the ammenitys there as well. Family Friendly, Great Players, Great activity's. To find out more visit Harbinger/Guild Recruitment on mainsite and look for our thread. If you want to get invited, Search Sanguine on Harbinger, Either Faction from your location window and ask any. We welcome all the new players into our home. If you want to contact me directly


Dreadkirk - Sanguine Bounty (Impside GM)

Smorgishborg - Sanguine Galaxy (Pubside GM)


Welcome to Satele Shan everyone!

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