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Server PSA: Welcome Home!


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Hi lovelies,


Welcome to Begeren Colony! If you're new here, or a vet who's a little adrift, you're actually on the best RP server in the little galaxy we call home. We have a thriving RP community, and if you're looking for a guild, a bunch of amazing community-run plots, or just a bunch of crazies to hang out with, bookmark http://begerencolony.org/ - it's the heart of the server's RP community.


And in game, type /cjoin republicooc if you're Pub-side, or /cjoin imperialooc if you're Impsie-side.


Oh! And if you really want to be punched in the Star Wars, queue for GSF and no matter what side you're on, type /cjoin GSF and join us in one of the best parts of this lovely little game...

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