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Hey guys, Im having a bad luck searching for a active guild, most guilds i join have like 3/5 people online and they not even talk or make any kind of game content toghter. So i'm looking for a active guild on IMP side. :)
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I just started a guild yesterday and we would welcome you. Granted we are new and with that comes low numbers but so far we have some fun members.


Role Playing




Etc etc.

I actually enjoy being active however I can be.


I owned 2 guilds years ago and I lost internet when I moved so I am hopefully getting back into the swing of things.

We always need good leaders for their respective interests and I choose to reward those whom give effort.



Love buying cartel packs and providing for my guild(s).

I dont mind shelling out the funds to backup my guild mates so feel

free to find us.


Council Of Pain

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