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umm am I missing something here?


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Why are people going "omg...no grace period bioware never did anyting you guys suck this whole launch is /fail"


The game hasn't launched yet. I think they have been handling everything with this game very well and their customer support have been great so far to. To all the complainers just stop, it's not helping anything and it just puts you in a negative mood. What's the point of complaining if it's just going to make you negative all the time? Unless you want to be? :o


You will get in game soon enough. If you don't get EA you only have to wait 6d 6h 3m and 35 sec from the time I typed this. I know...I know..it seems like an eternity. But we just have to have patience. The time will come and until then just huddle in a corner somewhere and make sure you eat something :p


Guys...don't complain so much. There's no point to it.


BTW...a fail launch won't happen on this game. Stop worrying so much about everything. It will be fine :) BioWare will do a tremendous job :)

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