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[The Obsidian Order] is recruiting. (E)


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The Obsidian Order, famous for doing the Kessel run in 69 parsecs (giggidy), is actively recruiting tanks and ranged DPS to fill openings in our progression ops teams - a sense of humor, a willingness to learn and patience are all priorities over ability. We are fun, friendly and most importantly, active...We have all the standard guild stuff, so join up, get to know us and make inappropriate jokes while we tackle the hardest content the devs can throw at us. Pst for info/invite


op times are 8 Pm pst

pick up night are Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday.


we have 3 ops groups atm

Ops 1 Sunday and Tuesday night( full)

Ops 2 Monday and Thursday night( full)

Ops 3 Wednesday and Saturday night ( 1 spot dps)


Looking to expand Ops teams

If you are looking to help with pick up groups you can join and start helping.

to make a Ops group you must have officers approve group.

if that sounds like you plz contact Cultist


Members that you can whisper for invite/ info


1.Cultist (6:30 pm pst)

2.Zod-Ren(6:30 pm pst)

3.Yegrim( 7pm pst)

4.byt( 7 pm pst)

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