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Is there Fire/Burn Tuning ?


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Just wondering,if there is such tuning for weapon with Fire/Burn effect,specialy for some lightsabers it could look interesting,but probably not for all of them offcourse.


The Commando/Mecenary does have skill that make blue-white burn effect when it reaches 10 stacks and its triggered,it does look definetly interesting.


I wonder how might look like this effect on lightsaber,if it would be too much [and ugly] or classed as good one.


Note - maybe there is similiar suggestion,from me,i dont know.


Update - The Flame [/Fire/Burn] effect could depend on crystal colour,the mentioned flame effect is visible on commando when he triggers 10 stacks of supercharge,i wonder how it could look like on lightsaber.



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The Overcharged tuning, and Light / Dark tunings have flamey effects. The Light and Dark tunings have blue and red flamey effects, respectively, while the Overcharged tuning flame effect is the color of the crystal you have in the item. Edited by HeatRacer
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