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Hi, I have recently reinstalled the game, when I first opened the preferences I had the option to change the resolution, however the box timed out before I could confirm I wished to keep the new settings. Now when I go into this option the resolution is stuck on 800x600 and will not give me other options, I have restarted my system and the game several times. Please could I get some support on this as the game is currently unplayable like this.
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Use notepad to edit client_settings.ini which is located at


If it is hidden for you, go to control panel and then to folder options and unhide it.


Before you edit your client_settings.ini with notepad, make backup copy of it.

You need to edit Height and Width values to what you desire.

Save the file and start game again.


Next time you change resolution, and you wait for confirmation loading screen, press enter right away, it will confirm changes before loading is finished. If resolution is too small, like in your current case, drop down options will be off screen, and not visible for you to change them in game.

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