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-Hierarchy- Has returned!


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Greetings one and all,


Are you looking for a relaxed fun group of people to play with? Check out Hierarchy! We're a new community that has recently come back to SWOTR and we're looking for members of the age of 16 years and older!


We offer a relaxed and fun gaming experience without drama , a range of multiple games, a easy to use website and even a radio station to listen to while you game! We currently have a Yavin Stronghold and Guild Flagship, we're looking for all roles and classes to join us! Currently we are on the Imperial Faction however we do also offer a republic guild as well, we're looking to get an established raid team set as well as an established PvP team so if youre interested check us out!






Have Microphone or ability to be on teamspeak for voice comms.


Be at least 16 years old


Willing to have fun and enjoy the game!




Contact us:








In Game:





Thanks for taking the time to check us out we look forward to hearing from you!

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