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Who we are


Vice is a community of end game active players who enjoy a variety of content such as story-master operations, Reg and Ranked warzones conquest crafting and gsf. We are a large guild with lots to do 40+ on at prime time and unlike some guilds in Swtor we have many groups that run at off hours rather then just peak raid time. We are PST timezone based, however we do have a lot of EST and APAC player base with raids during those. Currently our main 16 man team is 45/48 HM and working on Revan and our 8 man nim team is working on cartel warlords 5/7 SNV NiM. For PvP we almost always have a reg warzone group going in ts3 and also have group ranked in house, and against other guilds. We have a good amount of silver solo ranked players 1375+ solo and some gold 1600+ solo and try to be pretty competitive in PvP. We also enjoy hosting 1 v 1 tournaments and open world PvP events. We are one of the top guilds in conquest on Harbinger and since we were reformed we have been near the top of the ladder every week working towards conqueror of the galaxy :sy_galaxy:


What do we offer

  • An active community
  • 24/7 Guild always people on
  • Pick up sm-nim raids
  • Guild events with prizes
  • Reg and Ranked Warzone groups
  • High parsing players to compete with and talk about optimization for raids
  • Raid teams both 16 and 8 man
  • Medical and dental for our raids 1.5 mill repair funds
  • Guild flagships with summoning for members and above
  • Active dueling community on flagship to practice for pvp
  • Conquest wins as we grow





  • Activity you log into the game often and do more then story quest and are a part of the guild
  • An understanding that raid team spots are performance based and you will be removed if not performing
  • That you will try to represent the best of swtor when carrying the vice tag aka no win trading no nijaing loot or raging like a child in gen chat
  • Team mentality ability to work with others to get goals done
  • The ability to download Ts3 for raids and pvp and starparse for raids


What are we looking for


We are looking for active players of all skill levels who are willing to work as a team learn and grow as a guild. Whether you are running your first storymode raid with us are joining to get you last 16 man hm chievo or title it does not matter. We want people who want to be a part of Vice however not people just joining for an xp or rep boost or repair fund and if you have that mentality you will be removed.


Guild Mergers


With the increase of guild sizes to 1000 members Vice currently offers guild merger programs for guilds looking to be part of something bigger. We offer flagship compensation rank adjustments depending on the situation. We recently had a merger with Reaper that went over for the most part drama free.



So you are thinking about wanting to join Vice? To contact us you can /cjoin Vice and ask for an officer you can pm Lerroyjenkinns in game send me a forum msg reply to this thread or apply on our website viceswtor.enjin.com Note* application for raider rank for raid team spots and repairs requires a tryout trials are run on thurs and sat evenings and a raider application is required.

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The website apparently doesn't exist? Avid PvPer, only reason I really log in. Ex-Begeren GM who lost interest in leading/planning. May occasionally raid. In-game names Reverence on Pub and Sacrifice/Temperance on Imp. Will do the /cjoin next I log in.
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Vice is currently recruiting for all classes! SM Ops, 8m HM Ops, & PVP, conquest objectives every day. Plus 16m HM Ops on Mon & Weds, 8m NiM on Fri & Sat, Group Ranked PVP on Fri.


To join, just type /cj Vice in game and let us know you want an invite or go to our website to apply viceswtor.enjin.com


Have a great day!

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