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Vader's armor, should they make a similiar set for the CC


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Greetings fellow SWTOR players from a Galaxy far far away!

Today I propose a question for you and the Devs of SWTOR, should there be a Set of armor similar to Darth Vader? Now here me out before you ignore more and such, Vader's armor though haphazardly built to protect the failing Anakin from death and to intimidate his enemies, was inspired by Ancient Sith Battle droids, and Heavy armor was traditional for Warriors of the Sith. Now I dunno which battle droids the armor was inspired from nor what era it came from, but I feel that there should be a set similar to it, with the cloak and "Butt Cape" you see prominently in his armor. The Sith Annihilator Armor from the Adaptable armor vendor on the Imperial fleet may be the supposed "Predecessor" but it's missing a lot of the qualities that made the armor so intimidating. What are your thought I'm open to any comments.


Darth Volintine Orda.

Scion of the Sons of Korriban.

Ebon Hawk server

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