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[Empire] Torva Nex Progression Team LF NiM Capable Tank, DPS, or Heals


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After resubbing in the last month, Torva Nex's Team Bedpan has reformed and have a couple vacancies. We have players who can aptly switch roles, so we are interested in filling two of the following roles:


Tank (knowledge of at least two tanking types is ideal)

Heals (sorc healer is preferable, but won't say no to a very talented merc healer)

DPS (versatility is preferable)


Team Bedpan was Server First in the last tier of content, and is hopeful in doing so again for the new content. If this interests you, please reply to this thread with the following information:

  • Role/Class
  • Most difficult boss/tier of content you've killed
  • If DPS, parse on 1.5 or 2.5 mil dummy
  • If you play more than one class well, what are they?


Thank you!

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Hi im looking for a decent raiding guild for late night/early morning raiding, would you guys be able to accept me in the guild as a possible fill-in.


Unfortunately, we will not run mornings or late nights unless it's the weekend. You also did not post any information about yourself.


We are still looking for DPS.

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Jugg/Sin/PT Tank


HM: KP, EC, EV, SnV (5.0), TFB, TC, DF, DP, Rav (5.0)


NiM: TFB 1/5, DF 1/5


I am best with my Jugg and it is the best geared, but the PT is a close second. The Sin only lacks a full set bonus. All have 240 mods, enhancements, weapons, and left side.

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