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PVP bot bouncers


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I don't care about the bots on the fleet or starter planets yelling their links out, but come on with the bots in PVP here. I was leveling up a few new toons and I wound up on some teams that had 2 to 4 bots on them. Half a team. And once there's more than one you can't kick them, because everyone needs to vote, and wouldn't you know it, the bots won't vote. 99% of the time it's on Imp side, and aside from it being really frustrating, it's disheartening to new players. Now, I know the "pros" will say "Good", and then something about "bads", but maybe as soon as new players come to the game, don't load them up with a team of AI sins that go into stealth and gyrate in the endzone in Huttball.


I know giving some trusted people an "Admin" type role is an ugly thought, but is there some way to dish out the power to a select few to run the bots from PVP? Spectator mode with the power to bot boot. Consistently reporting them as "spam" has done nothing, as I've seen them standing at the PVP terminal on the fleet, going up in levels, and disappearing into wz's.


Let's exterminate these pests. Show us the way.

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