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Recommended Gearing Changes / Suggestions for 6.0 and beyond


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In regards to changes


Just being realistic, I do not expect major changes to how gear is obtained until patch 6.0. For now I fully expect adjustments and tweaks on the existing system till then.


Therefore these are suggestions / recommendations that I've read in other posts that I agree with and would like to see as well. This is meant to be as comprehensive as possible of the suggestions / changes into one single list.



Galactic Command



  • Remove the level restriction. Allow any level player to use it, just adjust the rewards based on level.
  • Make the window smaller by reducing the size of the animations such as making them a background animation or something similar to contacts where it pops up the animation in a side window
  • As part of the above, if you do something similar to the Contacts window, then make it pop out to the side where you choose your difficulty along with specific flashpoint, warzone, op, etc.
  • This can be used as a replacement for the mini-map icons for Flashpoints, Warzone and Starfighter. This keeps it all in one place and incorporates the best elements of both.





  • Just like in patch 5.2, all bosses drop 1 slot specific gear token on Story and Veteran mode and 2 tokens on Master mode with a 100% drop rate on all bosses
  • Allow the tokens to be bind on legacy so they can be mailed to alts.
  • Add a 1 hour or 2 hour cool down timer. This timer would allow players to send the token to another player in the same Ops group in case they really didn't need it or Ops leader sent it to the wrong player. The timer is broken as soon as it's used or mailed to an alt.
  • Drops should be as follows:
    • Story Mode: Tier 1 tokens
    • Veteran Mode: Tier 2 tokens
    • Master Mode: Tier 3 tokens

    [*]As new tier gear is added, remove lowest tier token and replace with the next lowest as in patch 5.2



Alternate Currency



  • Bring back either Commendations or Data Crystals to use for those that don't want to run Operations to get End Game Gear. This in turn gives all players a choice of how to gear. If someone wants to grind heroics all day long, let them.
  • This currency can only be earned by Max Level players.
  • Allow the currency to be earned in any method outside of Operations such as Warzones, Arenas, Star Fighter, Heroics, Flashpoints, Replaying Story Chapters and their corresponding Weekly and Daily Missions.
  • Only the Operation Weekly should give this currency, not from any boss drops in the operation.
  • The cap of 1000 / 500 / 500 is a good maximum cap
  • Allow an currency exchange of 100 Low to 1 Mid coms / crystals and 10 to 1 for Mid to High comms / crystals
  • The amount earned is based off the specific content such as:
    • Heroics - amount varies based on how many heroics per planet in the run. Less heroics earn less.
    • Flashpoints - 50 per Flashpoint
    • Warzones - 50 for winning and 25 for losing
    • Arenas - 35 for winning and 15 for losing
    • Star Fighter - 50 for winning and 25 for losing

    [*]For players that cap out but already have gear, allow the currency to be used to buy items that were in Command crates such as:

    • Companion Gifts - Legendary Only
    • Orange Modabble Gear
    • Reputation Items that increase the existing and any new reputations - Sell the Green, Blues and Purple ones for the cost of any the Low, Medium and High tier currency respectively
    • High level schematics
    • Cartel market Certificates

    [*]This currency is automatically reset to 0 for everyone each major expansion (7.0, 8.0, etc.) with the extras converted to credits for the player when it's reset.


NOTE: The numbers I used is just for example but by setting it up as above, it just allows you to either increase or decrease the amount earned fairly easily. This way if you feel players are gearing to fast, drop it down or increase if it's going too slow. I would start on the lower side and increase as needed.





Have different types of vendors found on the fleet that players then trade in the above to those respective vendors. There are areas of the fleet that have a lot of open space so there is plenty of room to move things around. Essentially there should be the following vendors



  • Low, Medium and High operation token vendors
  • Low, Medium and High commendation or crystal gear vendors
  • In a separate area or room over, have the vendors that sell Companion Gifts, Orange Mod gear, Rep Gain Items, schematics and cartel market certificates





I feel that if a single system is established that works for a majority of players then less focus can be made on it and leave more for other tasks / updates to be done versus focusing so much on how gearing players should be. It should be a consistent system used throughout each expansion with slight adjustments as needed.


To wrap up as I stated the point of this thread is to mainly combine the different ideas that have been given and suggested throughout the forums into a single list. If anyone feels like I've missed something or left anything out feel free to let me know and I'll adjust the list. If anyone has different opinions or suggestions that I didn't think of well, this is a discussion well here we go.

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