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Event Invitation: Free Imperial Fleet +10 & Rishi Datacrons


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Please Note: We completed this event on 8th March 2017, don't worry if you missed it, just keep an eye on the forum for the next time :w_smile:


Stroke my Wookie will be offering free sorcerer pulls to the Imperial Fleet datacron. This will give you +10 to all stats that once unlocked and applies to your whole legacy. Afterwards we'll do free summons to the 4 datacrons on Rishi to get you a further +40 Mastery.



Wednesday 8th March 2017 at 19:10 GMT


How to join in

Just be in the Museum at 19:10 GMT when we start the group invites.


Imperial Fleet Museum Directions

Head to the Imperial Fleet and take the West elevator to "Interfleet Transport" and then the shuttle to the Ziost Shadow fleet ship (or just Quick Travel there). Once there, take the elevator to the Bridge Deck. Open the world map and you find the Museum Elevator in the North East of the map. That will take you to the Imperial Museum. Here are some map screenshots to help:







We will blast open the door and direct you to the Blue Crystal as past experience has shown us that a small number of people are unable to click the fleet datacron door if they don't have it. Then we will open the shield so you can run down to the laser bridge and across. If everything goes according to plan we should have several sorcs on the door platform waiting to pull you up. If any of you want to bring your sorcs to help out then please do as it will help make things go faster. Once we've taken the last person up to the datacron door then we'll begin the Rishi datacron summons.


Make sure to tell your friends, see you there :w_big_grin:

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