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Swtor is a ripoff..nerdy programmers have hard on for sith


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The title says it all...And is also the title of a Youtube video of the same name...We have recorded a fight between an unarmored sorcerer and sage...Unmodded custom made lightsabers, damage rating 8....

These 2 guys have the same levels. powers and amount of Datacrons...They are infact father & son and got all their stuff at the same time.

We've been empirically testing the classes against one another with similar results, but this one stands out so much it's ridiculous.

We're trying to decide if the Sith player is actually more powerful or if he just has a built in parry that the sage doesn't have.

Why are these imbalances always on the Empire side ??

All 3 of us have tried logging tickets about this (politely worded tickets) and posted on the forums as well only to get the same generic responses...We can't discuss another players account.

We actually all know each other outside the game and have told you this in the tickets...I even included the real names of the father & son in my last ticket...Again got the same response.

So...Hence the reason for the slightly inflammatory title to this post and the video.

Instead of cautioning me for saying 'inflammatory' things....


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